South Parents,

Welcome to the South Parent Group (SPG)! South School has a long tradition of universal parent participation that defines South culture. The SPG exists to coordinate between the school and parents to align that parent support of school priorities for our children and encourage participation. To that end, we’ve put together some key information to help you plug into the South community. We’re really happy to have you on board.

* Volunteer.  All signups are through Konstella.  We have opportunities for all parents to support the school at all times of the day, night, and weekend, depending on when you can jump in. If you have any questions about what might be best for your interests, skills, and schedule, contact the volunteer coordinator

* Support the South community. South is very fortunate that we have literally 100.0% of Hillsborough families contributing to SPG dues. Visit this site to pay your dues, contribute to the library, and get South Tiger Wear for your kids (or yourself!).

* Read Tiger Tales. All important dates and events are announced here bi-monthly. If you have anything that should go in it, let the communications coordinator know, and check it out to know what’s going on.

Best Regards and have a great year! Go South School Tigers!
Privacy Notice

The information on this website is for the express purpose of promoting communications within the parent-student community and is a privilege we share with one another based on trust and respect.  We live in a community that places high value on privacy, security and safety for our children and ourselves.  Therefore, it is expressly forbidden to use any information in this website for the purpose of marketing, political canvassing or special interest groups within or outside of the Town of Hillsborough.   Your adherence to this policy is critical and essential.  Any misuse may result in discontinuation of this information and its use.