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Hillsborough Educational Television (HTV)

What is HTV?

Hillsborough Educational Television (HTV) is a local access cable station that broadcasts on Comcast Channel 27. HTV is owned and produced by the Hillsborough City School District (HCSD). Our mission is to create programming by, for and about HCSD students. Programming includes important district information, school presentations, events, musicals, theatrical performances, and more. HTV is a celebration of our children and their adventures in education in the Hillsborough community. Click on the link to the left for school programing information.

HTV Vimeo Channels

We are excited to share some of the HTV programing online at Vimeo is an award-winning video website that is used by thousands across the nation to broadcast video content. Parents are able to go to our new vimeo channels to search and view content on demand. All programming on vimeo is closely monitored and screened for privacy and safety. We have a channel for each school site and one for the HTV News program at Crocker.