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Traffic & Safety

As the school year progresses and our schedules become more hectic, the drop-off in the morning and the pick-up in the afternoon can also become more rushed. To avoid any potential problems we would like to list a few safety reminders. Please take a moment to read them and share them with anyone who will be driving your children to and from school.



Please observe safe driving practices at all times.  Cell phone use (Hands free sets are distracting to safe driving) is not permitted in the South driveway.  Your full attention to the safety of the children is important.

Traffic must move to the end of the driveway at arrival time to enable more cars into the driveway.  Parent volunteers are at the curb to assist your children in getting out of the cars. Students must exit the cars on the curb side only.  Have backpacks and lunchboxes ready and give those kisses and hugs before your commute to school. This makes for a great morning drive.    

Crosswalks must be used to cross the driveway at all times. Students cross only with an adult. Please don't use your cell phones when dropping off or picking up your kids. 

Drop-off at South:

We are very fortunate to have the help of morning greeters at South.  These wonderful morning people are none other than a group of our fabulous South Parents!  Our morning greeters are ready to open your car doors and greet your South Tiger between 8:10-8:30am each morning.  To help make this a smooth and productive process please remember the following tips:

  • Please: Do not get out of your car to let the kids out.  Our greeters will open your door as soon as you pull up to the curb.

  • Please: Pull up all the way to the front of the greeting line.

  • Please: Have your child wait for their door to be opened before exiting the car.  If you let your child out prior to our greeters opening the door, you will jam up the process and cause others to be late for school.  Letting your child out prior to the curb greeting could also risk your child getting hit by cars trying to go around you because you are backing up the process.

  • Please: Remember to give your kisses prior to getting to school.  Goodbye kisses in the greeting line delays the process for everyone behind you in line. If a morning kiss at the door works best for you and your child, please park your car and walk your child to his/her classroom door prior to kissing them goodbye.

  • Please: Have your child's backpack in the car with him/her prior to exiting the car.  Backpacks in the trunk delay the drop-off process significantly.

  • NOTE: 8:26am-8:30am is a VERY busy time for drop-off at South.  It is critical to our process that you follow the helpful hints above at all times, but especially during these last 4 minutes of the morning.  Our greeters will stop greeting right at 8:30 (because everyone should be in class and ready to learn by this time).

Pick-up at South:

We have a very efficient pick-up system at South School when everyone works together.  Here is what you should know to make this process quick and pleasant:

  • The curb lane is for the 12:20/2:40/2:45/2:50 child pick up.

  • The middle lane is for the 3:00 pick up.

  • The far left lane is for both pick ups (i.e. for those who are picking up children in both primary and upper grades).  In this lane, parents are allowed to walk to the curb and take their primary grade child back to the car while waiting for the upper grade child to come out of class.

  • Note: If you are picking up a child, that child must be reminded to go directly to the pick-up area outside the fence (and not play on the yard) once the teacher dismisses him/her from class.  If children are not ready and waiting to be picked up when parents are at the curb, then parents will have to leave the pick-up area, circle the block and try again to get their child.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Lina Butte at