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We are pleased to announce that Hillsborough City School District will have a new meal provider Nob Hill Catering Inc. dba the LunchMaster, a family-owned and operated business in San Carlos. Enclosed are a flyer about the LunchMaster as well as instructions to create your account with the LunchMaster.

Starting this year, the District will be providing breakfast and lunch to all students under the
new Universal Meal Program, with no cost to the families.

However, to help the LunchMaster with meal planning and to prevent food waste or shortage, it
is mandatory all meals are pre-ordered, as follows:
  • Breakfast orders must be placed by 9am three days before meal service.
  • Lunch orders must be placed by 9am two days before meal service.
Children need healthy meals to learn! The District is dedicated to serving nutritious and
delicious meals to all our students!

All students are encouraged to eat school meals!!!

NOTE: One account can have multiple student diners attached to it. Multiple households can
use the shared diner feature located in the settings section of their account.

Please refer to the attached PDF for information on creating your account.
VP of Communications & Tech SPG,
Aug 5, 2022, 8:31 PM