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Subscribe to Calendar

NOTE: Shared calendars have changed for the 2018-2019 school year. If you used any in the previous years, you must unsubscribe from them first, and delete any previous events manually (i.e. any event that says annual).  (Mac: Center click on the calendar and select "Unsubscribe"; Outlook click here for instructions)

Instructions for Mac, PC, or Android (iOS instructions below, scroll down):
Click on the link below for the calendar to add. This will open the calendar app and subscribe to the calendar. If that works, you are done.
If that doesn't work, copy the links from the iOS directions below (scroll down). For each link, select File->New Calendar Subscription (Mac Calendar) or follow these directions (Outlook) and paste the link.

Instructions for iOS:
Select and copy the entire link below. Make sure you drag the selection area to include the both lines for the link.
Go into Settings->Calendar->Accounts->Add Account->Other->Add Subscribed Calendar and paste the calendar URL.

Link to add calendar:
Click South Calendar to download the calendar and open the file. Alternatively, copy & paste the calendar URL below (be sure to copy both lines and remove any blank spaces in the address):