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  • Subscribe to online google calendars

    South Calendar:

    District Calendar:

There are two options to view the latest South Calendar.
Option 1: Bookmark South Calendar link in your chrome or safari browser.
Option 2: Subscribe with your calendar app following the instructions below.

     Subscribe with Mac Calendar
1. In Calendar menu, click File and New Calendar Subscription
2. Copy & paste Calendar URL:
3. Calendar Info menu will pop up. Ensure setting is auto-refresh every day to receive the latest updates
4. Click OK and South Calendar will appear in your left menu bar along with your other calendars
NOTE: If you sync your Mac iCloud calendar with your iPhone or iPad, the South Calendar will also appear on your device.

     Subscribe with iOS (iPhone, iPad) Calendar
1. Tap & hold down the link:
2. When prompted, tap Copy
3. In Settings app, tap Accounts & Passwords, Add Account, Other, Add Subscribed Calendar
4. Copy and paste the URL and tap Next then Save. South Calendar will appear in Calendars at the bottom of your calendar app.

     Subscribe with Google Calendar
1. Make sure you are logged into your account, and in the calendar app
2. Click the sprocket in the upper right, then Settings
3. Click Add Calendar (on left), then Subscribe to Calendar
4. Copy & paste Calendar name:
5. Click Add Calendar and South Calendar will appear in your left menu bar along with your other calendars

     Subscribe with Microsoft Outlook
Follow the instructions in Subscribe to a Calendar link using the Calendar URL:

  • Do not download or import the calendar since the events will not refresh when changes are made. If you click or tap on the above links from iOS or macOS browser, you are just copying the calendar and not subscribing You must copy & paste the Calendar URL into the calendar application to subscribe and get any event changes.
  • If clicking on the above links does not work, right click Open Link or CTRL-click Open Link
  • Be sure to remove or unsubscribe to previous years' calendars South Events and Parent Meetings, as these are no longer being updated. Use the following instructions to unsubscribe:
    • In Mac Calendar app, select the old calendar, right click unsubscribe or delete. 
    • In iOS (iPhone, iPad), in Settings app, tap Accounts & Passwords, Subscribed Calendars, South Events or Parent Meetings, scroll down to Delete Account 
    • In Google Calendar, click to the right of the old calendar Settings, scroll to bottom, click Unsubscribe 
    • For Outlook click here for instructions 
If you have any problems, please contact