Executive Board 


Co-Presidents: Sheekha Dewan & Erin Schaefer |  president@southparents.org

Presides at meetings of the Parent Group and the Executive Board. Writes letters for Tiger Tales upon request. Attends Roundtable meetings, APG meetings and functions, School board meetings and School Site Council meetings. Must have been on the board within the previous three terms. 

Co-Executive Vice Presidents: Cheryl Daya & Danielle Thompson | executivevp@southparents.org

Chairs the Allocation Committee. Manages the spirit­wear design and sales. Exercises the powers of the President in the event of an absence. Attends all Parent Group and Executive Board meetings. Prepares during the year for the President role the following year, if a second term is being considered. 

Vice President Volunteers: Kerry Adams | volunteers@southparents.org

Appoints and directs all committee chairpersons. Works with Vice President Parent Relations  to choose and advise room parents. Helps committee chairpersons with Volunteer (Konstella) sign-ups.  Attends all Parent Group and Executive Board meetings.    

Vice President Finance: Ana Grasberger | finance@southparents.org

Is responsible for the proper accounting of all receipts, disbursements and financial statements for the Parent Group. Forms the Parent Group budget in conjunction with the board. Attends all Parent Group and Executive Board meetings. A two ­year term is desired. 

Vice President Events: Jessie Kochalski & Lauren Wallins | events@southparents.org

Coordinates or oversees events such as the New Parent/Kindergarten reception, the Holiday staff lunch and the end of the year Staff Appreciation Lunch. Coordinates hospitality for South Parent Group Meetings and South School hosted school board meetings. Attends all Parent Group and Executive Board meetings. 

Vice President Technology & Communications: Amanda Schneider | communications@southparents.org

Maintains the accounts for all online services supported by the parent group, and manages permissions and accounts for all volunteers as necessary. Trains other volunteers and staff and serves as escalation point for questions about the services. Maintains parent group website.  Collects information and puts together Tiger Tales for publication. Attends all Parent Group and Executive Board meetings. 

Secretary/Trustee Representative: Joanna Kim | secretary@southparents.org

Keeps minutes at all Executive Board meetings and General Parent Group meetings. Oversees that the message board is updated. Attends all open meetings of the school board and reports pertinent information to the Parent Group. Attends all Parent Group and Executive Board meetings.

Vice President Parent Relations: Karissa Ota | southroomparent@gmail.com

Selects Lead and Assistant Room Parents with VP Volunteers and President in August before What to Expect Night.  Holds a Room Parent orientation meeting in September and oversees the production and distribution of the Room Parent folders. Manages all communication between the Parent Group and the Lead Room Parents.  Connects new families (not entering Kindergarten) to South with a “buddy family.”  Attends Parent Group and Executive Board meetings.